CARAT E175 is a premium blended Scotch Whisky specially crafted in Scotland using carefully selected malt and grain whiskies. An exceptional blend of rich flavours balanced with a hint of peat smoke that leaves a fresh and smooth finish.

Our Story

The House of Remigius is built on a family legacy who over generations built reputation as exceptional brewers of Coconut Wine during the early 1900's. The family brand dates back to 1927 and the Remigius Family history is now being re-written by the new generation; taking roots from the original family heritage and with the aim to bring back the legendary Gold Cask brand.

We believe that fine spirits should never be a momentary drink but truly an expression of life and something that leaves an unforgettable impression. We truly follow this expression to this date in creating tastes that remain truly an experience.

We continue to take inspiration from practices taken from those humble beginnings to continue on this journey to create new and exhilarating experiences for current and future generations.


Made from finest grain whiskies from the best distilleries in the Scottish Highlands and matured in bourbon and sherry wood casks. An exceptional blend of rich flavours balanced with 20% of at least 5 year old malts for a smooth finish. Available as Bottled in UK Only.

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